The Color Run Weekend

This past weekend I participated in The Color Run at the Atlanta Motor Speedway along with my two awesome sisters! My long weekend started early on Friday morning on a flight from Louisville, KY to Atlanta. I started freaking out on Thursday when I realized that the NCAA Final Four was being held in Atlanta this very weekend and that Louisville was participating in it! Flight delays and traffic in Atlanta were a huge possibility! I flew Southwest Airlines, which I love, but of course with my luck our flight was delayed 15 minutes and then while on the plane, we had to wait another 10 minutes on the runway due to air traffic in Atlanta! Plus, this UK girl was stuck on a plane full of UofL fans!


Too much red for this UK girl! Go C…A..umm, nope, still can’t do it! At least I tried! Serious though, good luck to the Cardinals!

Luckily, the flight went smoothly and I was in Georgia in no time! My little sister, Mikayla, was picking me up at the airport. I forgot to do my research ahead of time to determine a good place to meet her, so I ended up talking to her over the phone while she drove around Atlanta’s huge airport! She finally found the pick-up location for Southwest airlines and I told her I would be there in 5 minutes top so to stay put. Well, within that 5 minutes the poor girl got her very first parking ticket! Luckily it was a parking ticket and not a speeding ticket. So if this is the worst she gets, life is good!


25 bucks for waiting in the pick-up zone? Really?!?

After leaving the airport, we quickly changed the GPS to take us to Road Runner Sports Atlanta. When we arrived, safely (this country girl is not used to big city traffic) we were greeted with a long line to pick-up our race packet. Red Bull was there in the parking lot with some great music and the staff at Road Runner’s were doing an amazing job of keeping everyone in the loop of all the activities. The line moved smoothly and we quickly had our bibs, wristbands, and Color Run swag!


Line at Road Runner Sports Atlanta for The Color Run


Cute Color Run car! I think they may be teaming with Chevrolet to give one away???

We looked around for a bit (awesome store and staff) and then were on our way to Hobby Lobby to get items to make our sister shirts! The shirts were rather easy to make and looked super cute!


Making our Sister Trio shirts!


Any other middle children out there? 🙂

The race itself was like no other I have experienced! More to come on the actual race later. On another note, we read on The Color Run website that we could preserve the ‘color’ for awhile by spraying it with vinegar and then ironing the shirts. We tried it and if you have ever ironed anything soaked in vinegar you know it smells awful, but I was willing to do it if it meant our shirts stayed colorful. Sadly to say, I just pulled in out of the washer and a little color stayed, but not a significant amount. Oh well!


Homemade color shirt after the vinegar and hot iron experiment! If you try it, I’d recommend a clothes pin!

Here’s the link to enter to win The Color Run Chevrolet Spark Car!

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